The ONLY place to go for Mama’s to get fit, strong and healthy – during pregnancy and post birth – SAFELY! Fit Mama Co.

Pregnancy can be great for some women and yet difficult & uncomfortable for others. Additionally, recovery post birth also differs vastly, with some mama’s ‘bouncing back’, while others less so and, for many women, feeling like they have never recovered at all. Feeling the most unfit they ever have and with a body they don’t recognize.

Knowing what exercises are safe for you and which are not can also be very confusing. We have seen so many women suffering from pain and complications primarily due to a lack of knowledge on how to look after ourselves and what exercises are appropriate for us at specific times. Your pelvic floor and core are our primary focus and it is our mission to educate and support all mama’s through safe and healthy pregnancies and recovery following birth.

All our classes are pre/post natal safe and have been carefully designed and programmed to provide the optimal benefits to your bodies. Our workouts will strengthen your whole body, specifically focusing on your pelvic floor and deep core muscles, rebuilding you from the inside out.

Mama’s can start at any point during your pregnancy or after birth. After birth you must be 6 weeks postpartum (12 weeks with a c-section) and have your doctors clearance to return to exercise. We also strongly suggest all mama’s see a women’s health physio to have their pelvic floor checked. All our morning classes are designed to keep your baby with you in a carrier or pram, so no need to part with them. 

Fit Mama Co has an amazing community of mama’s, it is a chance for you to mingle with other mothers who are experiencing all the same things as you, for your babies to interact and to make great friends. We also have creche facility with expert staff available to look after your little ones from 6 weeks old to 5 years.

Initial consultations are compulsory before participating in any group classes, this is so we provide you with the best care, support and guidance on your health and fitness journey.


We aren’t just another women’s fitness centre, we are so so much more…

Fit Mama Co is The Mama Gym, a community for women, created with mama as our only focus. A place for mothers to work on themselves, rebuilding from the inside out, all in a supported community of like women who lift each other up every day. Small class sizes mean personal interaction with trainers who get to no you, your baby and family personally, along with our monthly trainer checkins for EVERY member.

Our baby friendly classes mean you don’t have to put yourself last due to not having someone to watch your little ones and new mama’s can workout and have baby right next to you in their pram or worn in a carrier. Our creche for older children provide someone to watch you children while you work on you! Late classes also created to allow you to perform your mum role before coming to the gym.

Our expert personal trainers are fully qualified in Female Fitness and Pre & Post Natal Fitness. Your health and wellness goals are our goals!


Tara Thompson – Founder/Head Trainer

With over 10 years experience in the fitness industry Tara developed a strong passion for women’s fitness. Become a specialist in pre & post natal fitness, she has spent the past 4 years become and expert in the space working with hundreds of women in person and online. Opening her first Barre studio on Queensland’s Gold Coast in 2016, the studio cater to pre & post natal mother with a variety of barre, mum’s n bubs classes and also preschool based fitness – baby ballet. After selling and relocating back to Sydney in 2018, she spent time working in preschools across Sydney teaching preschool fitness.

With her extensive experience as a pre/post natal personal trainer the dream was always to create a dedicated fitness facility for mothers. A place to provide mothers with education, guidance and support throughout pregnancy and postpartum. This was the birth of Fit Mama Co, opening in April 2019 in Caringbah the first MUM gym opened. The first of many to come as we work to making MUM GYMS accessible to many more mum’s. Now in October 2020 you can find our classes at the W.Co on the Gold Coast

Tara is a huge Pelvic Floor Advocate and is passionate about educating all women around pelvic health and exercise.


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