The go to place for Mama’s to get fit, strong and healthy – during pregnancy and post birth – SAFELY! Fit Mama Co.

Pregnancy can be great for some women and yet difficult & uncomfortable for others. Additionally, recovery post birth also differs vastly, with some mama’s ‘bouncing back’, while others less so and, for many women, feeling like they have never recovered at all. Feeling the most unfit they ever have and with a body they don’t recognize.

Knowing what exercises are safe for you and which are not can also be very confusing. We have seen so many women suffering from pain and complications primarily due to a lack of knowledge on how to look after ourselves and what exercises are appropriate for us at specific times. Your pelvic floor and core are our primary focus and it is our mission to educate and support all mama’s through safe and healthy pregnancies and recovery following birth.

All our workouts & programs are pre/post natal safe and have been carefully designed and programmed to provide the optimal benefits to your bodies. Our workouts will strengthen your whole body, specifically focusing on your pelvic floor and deep core muscles, rebuilding you from the inside out.

Mama’s can start at any point during your pregnancy or after birth. After birth you must be 6 weeks postpartum (12 weeks with a c-section) and have your doctors clearance to return to exercise. We also strongly suggest all mama’s see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist ( Pelvic Floor PT, USA) to have their pelvic floor checked.


Tara Thompson – Founder

My name is Tara Thompson and I have worked in the fitness industry for over 15 years. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Pre & Post Natal Fitness Coach and have studied multiple certifications in the Pre & Post Natal Field, along with specialising in and working with thousands of women in the past 5 years.

Over the past 15 years in the fitness industry, I have worked with thousands of women on their health & fitness journeys. I opened my first Barre Studio in 2016 and this was where my passion for Pre & Post Natal Fitness began to really grow. Creating a place where women could safely exercise during their pregnancies and then be guided back into exercise became my passion. With a Ballet & fitness background I created my own style of Barre classes. Bubba Barre – a safe workout wearing your baby and Bump Barre – a pregnancy specific Barre class, both purely created to support mama’s in a way that was lacking in the fitness industry.

With great success but missing our families we sold the business in 2018 and relocated back to our hometown. The passion to help women still burning, I started the hunt for the perfect site to create a women health studio specializing in pre & postnatal fitness. That was the birth of Fit Mama Co.

Pre & Post Natal women were not being adequately looked after in the fitness industry and I wanted to change that. Too many women avoided returning to exercise due to fear of what to do and others were doing things that weren’t safe. I opened Fit Mama Co in March 2019 and are now able to support, encourage and empower mama’s through their pregnancies and rebuilding their fitness after babies. Post Covid we have launched the Fit Mama Co app and relocated/rebranded the studio to W Co – The Women’s Collective.

Over the past 5 years I have seen, so many women suffering from pelvic floor weakness/dysfunction and diastasis Recti (ab separation). My mission was to created a program & systems to educate and empower millions of women to not have to suffer through conditions, which can be minimized, repaired and healed. 

Im also a public speaker on women’s health and host of the ‘Hello Vagina Podcast’.

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