Our Classes

Strong Mama
Strong Mama is a weights-based functional fitness circuit. Using a combo of your body weight and other equipment it is designed to build a strong foundation through resistance exercise, endurance, coordination and balance.
This is a full body workout that will tone, sculpt and strengthen your body for the demands of motherhood.
Suitable for all fitness levels including all stages of pregnancy & beyond.
Barre Body

Barre Body is a full body toning workout. Barre is a blending of ballet, pilates & resistance training and has a strong focus on rebuilding core strength. There is also a focus on strengthening the pelvic floor & posture during this workout.

It is suitable for all fitness levels including all stages of pregnancy and beyond. (Baby can also be worn during this workout)


Mamarobics is an express aerobics workout. It is designed to get your heart rate pumping but is safe on the pelvic floor with no jumping movements and can be completed wearing your baby carrier too.

Rocking out to some 80’s tunes this class is high energy and FUN!

Suitable for all fitness levels


BoxFit is a partner cardio based workout combining boxing movements along with body weight exercise for a total body workout.

This workout can be done whilst pregnant however you wont partner and will shadow box instead.

Suitable for all fitness levels. (Baby can not be worn in this class)

Core Restore

Our signature class designed around rebuilding the core and pelvic floor. This mat pilates style class specifically focuses on the restorative work for abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti) and strengthening of the pelvic floor. 

Suitable for all fitness levels and both pregnant and postpartum mama’s

This class is paired with another workout like Strong Mama, Barre Body or Mamarobics

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